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Introduce classic style and elegance into your space with beautiful tile from Hera Tile & Stone. We're equipped with our own factory and quarry, allowing us to offer you direct prices which are 25% - 30% cheaper than everyone else! Explore the information below to learn about different types of tile. Contact us for more information, or to get started with your new tile.

Porcelain tile is made of very fine clay and is fired at high temperatures, creating a more homogenous material than you'll find with ceramic tile.


Its through-body coloration makes scratches less obvious, and it stands up against moisture and staining. It's a great choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Porcelain tile

Natural stone tile is a hallmark of formal interiors. As with any natural product variations and imperfections should be expected, but they often add a great deal to the overall aesthetic appeal of the material.

Natural stone tile

Terra cotta tile offers an "earthy" look that can be found in traditional European architecture. Its popularity is as strong today as it has been for centuries.


Terra cotta tile is a versatile material that can be used in kitchens, floors, walls or counters, and should wear beautifully over the course of an entire lifetime.

Terra cotta tile

Ceramic tile is typically made with red clay-based materials and natural elements mined from the earth. Left unglazed, it has a natural appearance like terra cotta. When glazed, it has a more finished, glassy surface that can be matte or glossy.


It is appropriate in light-usage areas such as bathrooms or backsplashes.

Ceramic tile

Glass tile has a clean, contemporary look that is perfect for under-cabinet lighting, or to accent certain features of your home. Glass is an extremely versatile material with virtually unlimited uses.

Glass tile

Handmade tile can be custom-painted to add beauty and elegance to any surface, wall or floor in your home. It's often used to give a unique look to pools, exterior walls, mailboxes and more. It has a true "designer" look.

Handmade tile

Metal tile is used as an accent piece to complement other types of tile or stone. Metal tile inlays can be used as a way to tie together kitchen surfaces and any metal hardware.


Natural pewter and nickel looks are the most popular, but finishes can range from old-world rustic iron to contemporary stainless steel to meet your unique needs.

Metal tile

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